Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Car Accident Left You With Chronic Pain?

Orthopedic Massage for Auto Injury Treatment

Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist is a specialized distinction awarded to only a handful of therapists in the state. Lisa has been working with doctors and other health practitioners in these Modalities for several years now. She has also acted as a Teaching Assistant for a world-renowned Pain Management Therapy Instructor at several Oregon Orthopedic Seminars.

The physical trauma and emotional depression resulting from an auto accident can take over your life without the proper care. Massage therapy is a powerful and effective approach to treat pain because it decreases pain levels as it stimulates the body's healing response. At Body Sage Massage we provide a specialized form of hands on therapy to address areas of physical limitation and pain and improve the body's response to other treatment regiments.

Immediately after a car accident, the relaxation benefits of massage can help reverse the effects that the trauma of a car accident can have on your nervous system. Following an auto accident massage also helps manage swelling by promoting circulation. At Body Sage we use orthopedic tests to determine the source of your pain syndrome. Our Massage Therapists use this information as well as the input from your doctor or chiropractor to develop a treatment plan incorporating different therapeutic methods and treatments from across the soft-tissue therapy field to best meet your body's needs.

In this first stage of treatment, massage helps restore and improve pain-free range of motion throughout the body while integrating structural balance. It can also help prevent a myofascial adhesion and the formation of scar tissue. Later on in your treatment, orthopedic massage is instrumental in addressing specific injuries like headaches, whiplash, shoulder sprains/strains, etc.

In the past, the majority of our accident-related patients have been referrals from a medical professional or health practitioner. The option for massage treatment is becoming more wide-spread due to the State of Oregon requiring motor vehicle insurance to cover massage under your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Our certified medical massage therapists provide service to people with and without insurance. They can coordinate with your Doctor or bill your insurance provider for you. This takes the stress off of you and allows you to focus on feeling better!

Massage Therapy Goals For Injury Recovery:

  • Improve circulation 
  • Reduce pain and swelling 
  • Improve range of motion 

Personal injury protection (PIP)

What is Oregon Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

Personal injury protection insurance (PIP) is medical and wage loss insurance required for every non-commercial auto policy. Oregon law require personal injury protection insurance to cover Medical expenses of up to one year and at least $15,000.

Who does personal injury protection insurance cover?

It covers all of the occupants of the car. It also covers you if you do not have PIP and you are a pedestrian or cyclist hit by a car. If that happens the driver’s personal injury protection covers you.

PIP is Oregon's version of no-fault insurance.

It allows you and your passengers, regardless of who caused an accident, to have insurance coverage for "reasonable and necessary" medical, dental, hospital, surgical, ambulance, and prosthetic services incurred within one year after the date of an injury up to a maximum of $15,000. In Oregon, minimum PIP benefits include limited coverage for loss of earnings, funeral expenses, essential services, and child care.